Small Business Web Design: When Is It Time to Update Your Website?

Small Business Web Design Goals: When it comes to attracting and keeping clients, first impressions are extremely important. If your website seems outdated, users might not trust your business and leave your website. On the other hand, if you update your web design every so often, it will constantly be compelling and user-friendly, thus helping you keep up with today’s ever-changing digital landscape. 


Here are some red flags that you need to update your website. 


If Users Are Having a Poor Mobile Experience

Sometimes it’s easy to get swept away in designing the desktop version of your website, but you need to make sure your users can easily navigate your pages on their phones, too. If a user can’t access important parts of your website on their phone, they might get frustrated and search for another website that is easier to interact with. Refreshing your site so that the design makes more sense for mobile platforms can help you make your business more competitive in the global business world. 


If Users Experience Slow Load Times

When you’re surfing the web, there are few things more frustrating than a page not loading.  If you have trouble loading certain parts of your site or users frequently report glitches and delays in accessing your content, you should seriously think about changing up your web design. Not only can it be a major force that pushes people away from your website, Google’s search engine ranking algorithm will penalize a site with a slow load time. Consulting a web designer who can make your site easier to navigate will be a pleasant surprise to frustrated users, help prevent user frustrations in the future, and likely boost your search engine rankings.


If You’re Not Getting the Traffic You Need 

If you’re losing business or not getting the traffic you want, take a good look at your website. It’s likely that it’s outdated and that it’s hard for users to find the information they need or trust your business because of your website design. You might also need to boost your SEO, or search engine optimization, to ensure you rank on search engines. Giving your page a digital makeover can help it stand out and make it more attractive to users. It’s a smart way to get more business in the process. 


If Your Website is Over Five Years Old

If your website is more than five years old, it’s likely more outdated than a lot of competitors in your field today. Even if you think your website is organized, consider what small tweaks you could make or new parts you can add to enhance user experience. If you leave users satisfied and impressed with your content, they will more likely provide you with business and even share your site with others.


If You Want to Integrate New Features

An important part of keeping up with online competition is offering unique features on your webpage that help your business stand out. For example, you might want to add a chatbot for personalized user support or integrate previews of your social media page to entice users to follow your accounts. Adding such elements will require you to move things around or add new pages, all of which a skilled web designer can help you do. When you discuss your proposed changes with your web designer, they might also suggest new ideas that enhance your user experience that you hadn’t thought of.


Measure Your Website’s Effectiveness 


Today, many websites are built with tools that can help a business analyze how effective its website is. For example, you could use web analytic techniques that visually represent user interactions with colors like orange, yellow, and red, helping you pinpoint what’s doing well on your website. You might also want to use conversion tracking to help you assess how many visitors are doing what you want them to on your site or if any specific aspects of your site need to be tweaked to raise conversion rates. 


Equipping your site with such features can help you better understand user engagement. Integrating them can provide priceless feedback, but it is tricky to effectively add. You need a professional with expertise in web design to help you implement these new tools.


Update Your Web Design With Imagine Monkey 

It’s never a bad time to update your small business web design goals. Even if business is good, giving your users a fresh, more efficient web design can give your business a boost and can help you keep up with your competition. No matter what design changes you want to make, our experienced team at Imagine Monkey can help. We know you might be drawn to free design templates you find online, but those won’t be as high quality and effective as our hand-crafted, personalized designs that meet the needs of your business. Contact us today to take the first steps to a revamped website and a new era for your business. 

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