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Malware Removal Services.

Imagine Monkey is a web design firm that has been operating out of Orange County for nearly a decade. We specialize in creating professional websites for small businesses as well as larger corporations. Our primary concerns are always customer support and care.

Throughout the years, we’ve become extremely familiar with the WordPress platform. Our specialists are experienced with the platform’s benefits and weaknesses. That’s why we have developed a new service to offer our clients: WordPress Malware Removal.

Malware on WordPress

WordPress is an incredibly popular platform, so there have been numerous groups that have created malware programs to infect WordPress sites. The amount and type of damage malware can cause varies widely depending on its specific purpose. Some of the ways malware can harm a WordPress site include:

Stealing user information

Malware entrenched in a WordPress site can record usernames and passwords for all the site’s users as well as any other information they input: credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.

Sending malicious emails

Malware can hijack your WordPress site’s mailing system to send out spam emails. This may result in your website being added to email blacklists and thus being unable to reach many visitors.

Redirecting website traffic

Visitors trying to reach your website may find themselves redirected to spam or malicious websites.

Lowering your SEO in major search engines

Malware can diminish SEO in several ways, not the least of which is by adding spam to your website.

Creating administrator accounts

Some malware can create secret admin accounts so that the hackers behind the program can access and modify your website.

Creating blogs on your site.

Failing to work on your content is like forgetting to add flour to a cake. You can work as hard as you want on design and it will look appetizing, but no one will want to eat it. Content is the foundation of any good website. Our team handles copywriting, provides photo and video services to drive more traffic, and will tailor your content for search engine optimization.

Defacing your website

If malware gets on your WordPress site, it can modify its layout, links, and more, resulting in an unprofessional look and bad experiences for your visitors, harming their trust.

WordPress Malware Removal

Our experts have dealt with malware on WordPress more than once in our experience with web design. We have developed methods for finding and removing malware that which we’re now offering as a service to our clients. Our WordPress Malware Removal process includes:

  • Analyzing and identifying malware programs

  • Removing detected malware from your website

  • Discovering the exploits used to infect your site with malware and used by the malware to perform its harmful actions

  • Scanning all files and databases manually to find signs that may have been missed in the original analysis

  • Updating any and all software used by your website to the latest versions

  • Updating the website credentials and changing security keys in case that information was leaked

Malware can cause major problems for website administrators and visitors. Our WordPress Malware Removal service can help keep your WordPress pages running smoothly and trustworthy in your users’ eyes.

This service can be applied to any existing website, or as part of a website package or monthly managed services that you choose with Imagine Monkey .