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E-Commerce Web Design in Orange County.

Imagine Monkey excels in e-commerce web design, with many clients throughout Orange County selling their products on websites that we’ve built. Whether you sell consumer goods or or provides services, we have the right skills and resources to build or redesign a website to leave a lasting impression on clients.

Updating or redesigning your existing site can be easy and effective with the right team in your corner. Let’s work together to create a custom e-commerce website for your brand and revolutionize the way you do business.

Effective Backend Management

An integral part of e-commerce website development is focusing as much on your needs as the client’s. Optimizing backend design and development for your company’s needs and specific usage cuts down the amount of time, money, and energy you spend struggling with your website. This means more resources you can pour into your client’s needs, ultimately giving them a better experience.

Our backend development focuses on your server, application, and databases to enable seamless interaction with the frontend of your website. The frontend is the part of your website clients see and interact with. The goal of a good backend is to have the right technologies for your brand—tools that enable you to store the information entered in your frontend. With our help, your backend can easily store client details, making the user experience faster and easier than ever before.

Stunning E-Commerce Web Design

One common pitfall of e-commerce websites is remaining stagnant for too long. Your target market expects a fully integrated and updated website for its changing needs. On your end, this means updating your content and styles according to market trends. Imagine Monkey has mastered the art of e-commerce development, so let us do all the dirty work for you. We can easily create a stunning, uniform look across your site, adding new design traits as you see fit to attract new clients and retain existing ones, focusing on long-term growth.

We use the most popular content management system available today in our website packages: WordPress. WordPress has an open-sourced framework, enabling your frontend and backend to seamlessly work together. With WordPress installed, you can keep your content and web design current at all times without the need for confusing conversations with tech support. This platform allows your B2B or B2C company to run unencumbered, encouraging growth and demanding a larger web presence.

Engagement and Functionality

Our clients choose us for e-commerce development because we offer the ideal blend of client engagement and site functionality. We know how to create a site built for a deep, satisfying user experience. We use techniques to optimize your site for mobile shoppers—a huge percentage of today’s web traffic. We work with you to create your own unique theme rather than only offering the preexisting templates some of our competitors use.

Your custom built or redesigned website can directly translate into increased revenue. Custom e-commerce design and development is the best way to create a website consumers will want to visit again and again. Our web design services will allow you to hook potential buyers, engage with web visitors, and seal more conversions. By focusing on what matters most with your website, Imagine Monkey creates the ideal shopping experience for your target audience.