How Google’s Core Web Vitals Update Affects E-commerce


Because Google is one of the most-used platforms across the internet, it is constantly adapting its technology, with a recent focus on Web Vitals. The company often does multiple algorithm updates throughout the year, but this new June update has a lot of people talking.

The new Google June algorithm update affects SEO and e-commerce alike. It comes with new methods that are changing the page experience of users everywhere by adapting their Core Web Vitals, also changing SEO for many.

Here’s everything you need to know about Google’s June 2021 Core Algorithm Update and how it affects your e-commerce site.

What Exactly Is Core Web Vitals?

Google’s new June Core Algorithm Update is changing page experience for users as well as SEO for many businesses. This update targets Google’s Core Web Vitals, which are tools used to track the interaction and activity on your site. Aspects like the speed that your webpage loads, how quickly the site responds when clicked on, and how your ads interact with your page, are all evaluated by these Core Web Vitals.

The June Core Update includes a Core Web Vitals evaluation that will be performed on sites by measuring those certain aspects like a site’s page speed. If a website passes this evaluation, Google will put a badge next to the site when it comes up in its search engine results and it will most likely receive a ranking boost, too. This Core Web Vitals badge will signal to users that these sites should be easy to use and that previous users had positive experiences with them.

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Imagine Monkey Web Vitals Score | July 2021

How Does This Update Affect SEO and E-Commerce?

Rankings Will Change

As with most Google algorithm updates, rankings of sites will end up fluctuating. Because of this, your business’s site ranking might increase or decrease a great deal. If this happens and your site’s ranking decreases, don’t panic. Many times, the rankings end up slowly changing as the algorithm adjusts to the update. But, because of this possible change in rankings, it’s always a good idea to update your website and its content.

SEO and Core Web Vitals

Because this update is targeting Google’s Core Web Vitals, this will most likely change how you use your SEO. Google will be putting sites through an evaluation of their Core Web Vitals and those that pass will receive a badge next to their site that means that users who clicked on their link had an easy, positive experience. If your site does well on the evaluation, it will also most likely receive a ranking boost.

Page Speed Is Important

Page speed is the first interaction a user has with your site. In this new update, page loading time plays a much bigger role in your business’s site ranking. If your website loads slowly, you will most likely experience a decrease in ranking. When sites load quickly and page speed is consistently efficient, this lets Google know that users have a positive experience on your site, boosting your ranking. Having a faster site also increases the amount of engagement you receive on it.


Another factor that will go into your site’s ranking is how your advertisements play a role on your page. Your ad techniques are not allowed to disrupt or interrupt experience on your website — something that is common on many mobile sites. It’s important to take a look at how your advertisements play a role in your user’s website experience to ensure a good ranking.

Opportunity to Customize

Because of the new additions in Google’s Core Web Vitals, this creates a big opportunity for business owners to customize their websites and tailor towards what aspects can help increase their rankings. The update also offers new tools that site owners can use to see their website performance and user experience, helping you know what parts of the site need to be worked on.

Using the New Google June Algorithm Update to Your Advantage

Ultimately, while this algorithm update may seem intimidating to you and your site, it doesn’t have to be.

This new algorithm update gives both site users and site owners new opportunities as well as a bit of a different experience while using Google’s search engine. E-commerce site owners now have more tools to use to understand their site activity and the different kinds of interaction they receive. This new update also gives e-commerce sites an opportunity to update their sites and their content to play towards Google’s recent changes, hopefully helping to increase your ranking.

Here at Imagine Monkey, we craft custom websites for businesses. We understand how difficult creating content, using SEO, and adapting to algorithm change can be. That’s why we help businesses create sites that look and work the way you want them to. If you’re looking for website help, look no further. Contact us today to see how we can build the perfect site for your business!

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