Why Your Website Needs an E-Commerce Blog

E-commerce Blogs are one of the primary ways to get your voice out there. These type of blogs are essentially marketing platforms you can attach to your website, no matter the business you’re in. And E-commerce is an online business model perfect for blogs.

E-commerce Blogs let you talk to and target specific audiences and branch out to audiences you couldn’t before. Having dozens of webpages out there on the internet to drive traffic to your website all targeted at specific audiences will greatly improve the overall traffic and sales of your site.

Some of the benefits of blogging include:

  • Driving traffic to your website
  • E-commerce Blogs combines or repurposes as social media content
  • Gets more Call-To-Actions from visitors
  • Helps link building

E-commerce being the online model it is can be drastically improved through blogs, but it should be combined with SEO.

Having your E-commerce Blog put through a SEO analysis will drastically raise the probability that people will find your site and be a customer.

5 Reasons to SEO Your E-Commerce Blog

1. Better Market Targeting

Marketing to a specific target is key in getting sales. If your item isn’t marketed towards a specific group of people, the ones who really need and want to buy your product will miss your webpage.

Target marketing is one of the key benefits to SEO. During the SEO process, keywords are put into your content and duplicate content is cut out. This greatly increases the targeting efficiency of your marketing campaign giving you complete control over your audience.

Blogs are one of the best content types that benefit from having SEO implemented because of the large word count, making keywords and SEO models more easily put in place.

2. Less Need for Ads

With SEO, people will find your site more organically. This means you don’t have to fork over thousands in marketing on other sites, significantly reducing your marketing needs. You can even combine ads and SEO to make full use of the internet availability to spread your website around.

One of the best parts, is that SEO isn’t a continuous payment such as marketing. After you have ran an SEO analysis and changed the site accordingly, you won’t need to continuously do so as long as you continue to stick with your market and keywords.

3. Better Results Over PPC

Pay-per-click ads might seem like the best option, but more often than not SEO will prove better results. Over 70% of searches happen on the first page and over 70% of the people who find your site will come from Google search results.

Unless you have a massive marketing budget, SEO will be much more cost effective in bringing new clients to your website.

4. Target Your Entire Audience

Whenever you use PPC marketing, you are targeting a limited audience. SEO can be used across all different audiences at many different levels. Targeting various audiences is nearly impossible without paying for multiple marketing campaigns, but it is possible through SEO.

SEO’s ability to target various audiences makes it unique. You could be missing out on selling your product to an entire group of people, severely reducing the amount of traffic on your website.

5. Improve Your Reputation

Reputation matters when considering an online business model. People are extremely skeptical when it comes to purchasing things online. Websites that come off as shady or untrustworthy will quickly be clicked out of.

SEO seeks to improve the user experience including the retention and usability of the website. This drastically increases your overall appearance, giving you a better reputation.

6. Out Run Competition

There are hundreds of thousands of websites you are competing with. Blogging and SEO are the number one way at improving your rating and significantly impacting your footprint over your competition.

Blogging combined with SEO, significantly increases the range of audience you have. People from various communities will be able to find your site with ease through the combined efforts of blogging and SEO content.

6. 24/7 Marketing

SEO is a change to the very foundation of your website. So long as your website exists, it is effectively marketing itself. Rather than rely on marketing programs that are limited in their availability, appearing on organic search results 24/7 will be better than any ad marketing you can do.

7. Brand Recognition

Getting your brand out there is a big step to any business. Once people know about you, they will spread it among friends, family, and be repeat customers themselves.

Having your brand be recognizable is the goal of any e-commerce site. A blog which is SEO driven can lead people into your website to better convert them into long-lasting customers who will recommend you.

SEO Your E-Commerce Blog

Having someone SEO your website professionally comes with many perks. Here at Imagine Monkey, we support businesses looking to improve their analytics to get the most out of their website. Our SEO services are top notch and we can assure you that they will completely change the way you look at online marketing. Contact us today to schedule our professional SEO services for you.


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