Google My Business: How to Get Started


The Google platform is arguably one of the most important channels for modern marketing across all industries. Google continues to command most of the internet search traffic taking place every day, and it is essential to have a solid strategy in place for ensuring your target customers and audience can find you on Google.

Over the last several years, Google Analytics has grown into a mainstay of modern digital marketing. This platform offers a wide range of features designed to make Google Search marketing as easy and rewarding as possible. One of the most versatile yet most often overlooked tools available on the Google platform is the Google My Business tool. If you want to command local SEO in your market and engage with potential customers in a more meaningful way, Google My Business allows you to accomplish these goals directly through the Google platform and provides a wide range of benefits:

  • Google My Business makes it easier for potential customers to find you online.
  • You can configure updates about your brand easily through the Google My Business suite of tools.
  • A solidly constructed Google My Business listing inspires customer confidence and bolsters the brand authority you have on Google Search.
  • Google My Business cultivates trust by allowing customers to leave reviews about your brand that searchers can see directly in their search results.
  • It’s easy to configure and adjust your Google My Business listing as your brand evolves.

If you want to take advantage of these and the many other benefits a Google My Business listing can provide to your brand, you should know how to take the first necessary steps with the Google My Business toolkit.

Create and Verify Your Google My Business Account

One of the best things about using Google for digital marketing is how easy it is to navigate the various customization tools you have at your disposal. Start taking advantage of Google My Business by creating your account, and then complete the verification process. Creating your account is a straightforward process. As you start up your Google My Business listing, the platform will ask you to fill out all required business information and allow you to add all relevant details, such as delivery area, contact information, and business categories.

The verification process is essential, as you do not want someone else to claim your business as their own! You can verify your account using a variety of methods, from email and phone to regular mail and instant verification. Choose the verification method option that works best for you and then follow the steps accordingly to verify your Google My Business listing.

Optimize Your Google My Business Account

After you complete the verification process, you will have the opportunity to fine tune your Google My Business listing to your exact preferences. You’ll need to fill out required details, such as contact information for your company, your physical locations’ addresses, and a link to your website.

Google My Business is much more than just a digital business card, however. This tool can play a crucial role in your overall SEO strategy, thanks to the ability to customize tags and labels that apply to your brand. For example, if you are a veteran, you can add “veteran-owned” as a tag for your business that can help you capture search traffic from users who are interested in supporting veteran-owned businesses.

You’ll want to add as much information as possible to your Google My Business listing to attract the search traffic you want to see. It’s a good idea to include photos of your business location, so local customers can find you more easily, but you should also upload photos of your products and services. For example, if your business is a restaurant or you sell finished food products, including a few photos of your menu offerings is a great idea. Google My Business even allows you to upload short video clips if this type of media would resonate with your target audience.

Take Advantage of Mobile Functionality

One of the best aspects of the Google My Business platform is that it provides the ability to adjust your listing on the fly using a mobile app, available on both Android and iOS devices. You can use this mobile app to post status updates, upload photos to your listing, adjust your listed hours of operation, and view search insights.

Hire an Expert to Help You Extract Maximum Value from Google My Business

Modern digital marketing continues to evolve rapidly, and Google has solidified its position as one of the cornerstones of any effective digital marketing strategy. If you have not taken the plunge into the Google My Business toolkit and determined how it could help your brand, now is the time to do so. Working with an experienced digital marketing firm can help you extract maximum value from your Google My Business listing.

At Imagine Monkey, we help companies of all sizes and in all markets get the most from the Google platform. Contact us today if you need assistance with your Google My Business listing or if you would like us to manage your Google marketing strategy.

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