Benefits of a Website Upgrade in 2020

Have you considered a website upgrade in 2020?

No one in the United States anticipated the COVID-19 pandemic to have the full range of effects we have witnessed over the past several months. Millions of Americans face uncertainty, and the economy continues reeling in the face of this ongoing health crisis. Businesses in virtually every market sector have been forced to reevaluate and adjust their operations to account for this new reality. While some businesses thrived and experienced unprecedented success due to the goods and services they provide being in the highest demand during the pandemic, other companies continue struggling to stay open. In contrast, others have either just started the recovery process or closed entirely.

One thing that is now common among all businesses in the face of the pandemic is the need for an adjusted web presence. Business leaders should take time during the current crisis to reevaluate their companies’ websites and consider the potential value of investing in some updates and upgrades and the reassurance these changes can provide to customers.

Improve Website Design and Automation

Millions of Americans remain stuck at home under lock-down orders, so people have been spending more time online than ever before, which means it’s an excellent opportunity to provide visitors to your website with the best possible user experience. Work closely with your website developer and look for areas of improvement on the back end and consult with your web designer to see if there is any potential to make your website more inviting and engaging from a design standpoint.

Promote a Message of Solidarity

Americans are facing a great deal of confusion and uncertainty in the face of the pandemic. Companies across all industries have updated their websites with messages to their customers and site visitors about the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a good idea to show the people visiting your website that your company is taking the situation very seriously. Depending on the type of business you operate, it’s worth taking time to explain how you are adjusting your practices to account for the pandemic. Make sure they know you value the health and safety of your customers and employees. Let them know about adjustments you have made to your operation, and be as reassuring as possible by telling them that your company is available to them if needed.

Upload Videos and Presentations

Now is a good time to invest in some new content for visitors to your site to enjoy with a fresh website upgrade. Because people are spending more time online, it’s a good idea to offer content that keeps them engaged with your brand. Video content is easier to produce than you might expect. Consider trying a few different types of videos, such as:

  • Product demonstrations. If you have a photo gallery for your products, why not provide visitors to your site with a video presentation of the product in use?
  • Team introductions. Create a more personal type of video content by showcasing the talent behind your brand. Most modern consumers want to feel some personal connection to the brands with which they do business.
  • Special presentations. Have you altered your operations significantly in light of the pandemic? Use a video to showcase these changes so that your customers can do business with you with greater confidence during an uncertain time.
  • Think carefully about the types of videos that would best showcase your brand and start generating engaging video content for your website.

Bolster Your eCommerce Capabilities

Many stores have closed across the country, and shops of all types have shut their doors to foot traffic, moving almost entirely to online sales. If your eCommerce system could use a bit of tweaking, now is the time to do it. Try to improve the presentation of your inventory and make sure site visitors will have an easy time finding what they need. It’s also wise to review your secure payment configuration, so your customers can make purchases with confidence.

Increase Communications

Millions of Americans are struggling to adapt to quarantine, and reaching out to them with more interaction would probably be more appreciated than you realize. Review your current email marketing and social media strategies and try to invest more time and effort into these communication channels. Remind your customers that you are available to serve them and keep them informed about changes to your product and service offerings, scheduling, and other changes to your usual operations.

Tighten Your Marketing Strategy

The economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic means that companies need to be more careful than ever about how they spend their operating capital. Take this time to review your current pay per click ad campaigns, and other paid advertising options. It’s also a good idea to adjust any current PPC ads and other paid ads that may have awkward or insensitive wording that you configured before the COVID-19 pandemic. You don’t want potential customers who happen upon your ads to be turned off by seemingly insensitive or tone-deaf messaging.

Have you already made any of these changes, or are you struggling to determine which upgrades and updates would make the most sense for your brand and your website? An updated website during this pandemic can help you connect with more customers on a more personal level and help position your business on a stronger digital footing for the uncertain months ahead. Imagine Monkey offers a full range of internet marketing services, and we can help you adjust and upgrade your site to account for this new reality created by COVID-19. Contact Imagine Monkey today for more details about the services we offer.


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