Top 5 Firefox Browser Extensions for Web Developers

Browser Extensions: An Introduction

There are thousands of Firefox browser extensions out there nowadays for web developers. Some are fantastic and can provide a major benefit to your browsing experience and some can be broken, cause performance issues, or even be malicious. As a web developer, some browser extensions can be invaluable in assisting you. We’ve hand-selected some of the highest quality, proven browser addons that can provide you some major value.

Note: These browser extensions are listed as-is for Firefox v47.


wappalyzer logo
Wappalyzer is a browser extension that uncovers the technologies used on websites.

#1: Wappalyzer

This tool identifies various aspects of a web site’s backend and displays the known information to you in an easy-to-read manner. Technologies like CMS, plug-ins, web servers, frameworks, and more are all easily identified and presented to you via an icon in your URL bar. This can be helpful if you find a particular site you like and are wondering what it is utilizing so you may do so as well, or perhaps you’re not quite sure what certain aspect a site is using and are curious how it achieved that result.

Download Wappalyzer


json viewer
A Firefox extension that helps you view JSON documents in the browser.

#2: JSONView

This addon allows you to view JSON files within Firefox natively instead of having to download the file and open it with a text viewer. This web developer plugin allows you to quickly and easily read JSON data within your browser, making it an incredibly convenient and simple tool for any developer who values time and convenience and is looking to add another tool in their tool belt.

Download JSONView


FireFTP is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP/SFTP client for Mozilla Firefox.

#3: FireFTP

A fully-fledged and secured FTP/SFTP client, built right into your web browser? Excellent! This addon has been a staple for years and has continually improved. Free, secure, and even cross-platform, this is one of the easiest to use FTP clients period, let alone as a browser extension. Need to quickly transfer files when developing a remotely hosted website? You don’t have to fire up an FTP client – just launch FireFTP within Firefox and keep working in the browser.

Download FireFTP


live http headers
Live HTTP Headers logs all HTTP traffic between your browser and the Internet.


#4: Live HTTP Headers

It is so common to be browsing the web and want to review the HTTP headers. The days of this being a laborious process are over as Live HTTP Headers allows you to quickly and easily view the HTTP headers of any webpage while browsing. It may sound simple, but once you use it you’ll be wondering what you did without it.

Download Live HTTP Headers


modify headers
A simple and easy to use extension to allow Add, Modify and Filter of HTTP headers.

#5: Modify Headers

Adding on to the previous extension, Modify Headers allows you to add, replace, and filter HTTP request headers right from your browser session. This extension makes it so simple to use for mobile web development or HTTP testing that it’s nearly invaluable for any web developer actively trying to enhance or fine tune their sites.

Download Modify Headers



There are many more fantastic web browser addons out there that can be beneficial for web developers. The wonderful aspect of open extension systems is the ability for any developer to create their own and share it with the world. We hope you enjoy our top 5 browser extensions for web developers, and we will be sure to keep an eye out for future recommendations as well!


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