The Benefits of Advertising on TikTok


Advertising on TikTok can provide valuable growth to your business’s online presence and digital marketing strategy. Social media platforms like Tiktok have become amazing tools for the e-commerce world because they can reach millions of different users every day and provide businesses with a variety of beneficial opportunities.

Here’s everything you should know about how to use TikTok to grow your e-commerce company.

The Benefits of Advertising on TikTok

Social media marketing is able to provide a multitude of benefits that both in-person marketing and other forms of digital marketing can’t. This is because social media platforms have hundreds of millions of users online each day that are engaging with new content. In fact, TikTok alone currently has over one billion active users. This allows businesses to reach new audiences to whom they never before would have been able. 

Because of the massive number of people using them, social media platforms like TikTok also provide companies with more opportunities to engage with current and potential customers. Social media can help you build brand awareness, engage with a larger target audience, boost your website traffic, and even grow your profit, which is why you don’t want to miss the opportunity to market on a platform like TikTok. 


Tips for Advertising on TikTok

There are a variety of different ways that you can market your business on TikTok. Whether you want to take a more formal approach that still promotes your business’s overall values or you decide to make a page that uses humor and takes advantage of trends, keep these tips in mind to help your account thrive:


Be Creative

While it may sound simple, it’s imperative that you let creativity lead you when it comes to platforms such as TikTok. Because there are over a billion users, you need to make content that stands out and invites people to engage. You want to make sure that you find a good balance between creative promotion and entertaining content, otherwise, your video can easily be scrolled through.

Keep It Brief

TikTok does have features that allow users to create longer videos around three and five minutes, but research has found that users prefer videos that keep things quick. When you’re starting to plan your TikTok strategy, think about ways you can make creative, entertaining content that is brief and still catches the attention of your target audience. If you decide to formally use TikTok’s advertising service, it’s essential that you keep things short as well. This is because most people have a shorter attention span. You will therefore want to create content that both grabs their attention and communicates a focused message as concisely as possible.

Follow Trends

Social media platforms are well known for trends and videos that go “viral.” TikTok has especially helped hundreds of thousands of different artists, businesses, and individuals grow almost overnight. When creating a video for TikTok, it’s crucial to keep in mind the current trends on the app. While some might seem silly, there are a variety of ways that you can use a trending sound for your own unique post. Plus, when you participate in trends, you have a much higher chance of your video being promoted in the algorithm. 

Promote Your Personality

Just because you’re an e-commerce business doesn’t mean that you don’t have a personality. While some might call it a “brand image,” it’s important to promote the unique personality and character of your company. Whether that’s your comedic coworkers or your uncommon products, don’t be afraid to highlight what makes your business different and fun. 

Work With Influencers

Sometimes it can take a bit of time to grow your business’s page. If you’re looking for quicker ways to boost your brand on TikTok, it’s never a bad idea to reach out to different influencers who may also be in your target audience. A lot of smaller influencers, especially ones who are just getting started, are willing to promote your product on their page. 

Encourage Engagement

No matter what content you end up creating, you want to make sure that it encourages the audience to engage with it. The higher number of people that engage with your posts, the more your posts are promoted in the algorithm. This ultimately encourages even more people to view your page and follow your brand. 

To begin reaching massive audiences and growing your e-commerce business, you’ll need to start working on social media platforms like TikTok. Here at Imagine Monkey, we have extensive knowledge of the e-commerce and digital marketing worlds and can help you navigate what’s best for your business. To learn more about our services or how we can help integrate the TikTok platform with your e-commerce site, contact us today. 

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