The Best Web Development Learning Resources to Jump Start Your Career

As the world continues to adjust to the numerous changes spurred by the pandemic, many people are examining their working lives and considering expanding their skills through web development learning resources. Thanks to the internet, learning from home has never been easier. And learning highly technical skills like Web Design and Web Development can be accomplished from the comfort of your couch.

While we once believed most positions required travel to a brick-and-mortar office, we now know a large number of jobs can be done remotely. As a result, with technology becoming more essential than ever, many people are making the switch to a technology-based career that can give them job security, upward mobility, and remote working flexibility that will outlast that of many other careers. One such career is web development, which has facets that can fit nearly any interest.

Web Development Career Resources

If you’re looking to make the switch to a career in web development, here are our top 7 online resources to get you started.

LinkedIn Learning

One of the first stops on the web development education train should be classes from LinkedIn Learning. As one of the foremost professional connection websites, LinkedIn offers expertise from the world’s top tech experts. These classes come with LinkedIn’s built-in network, so you know you’re getting the highest quality education for the price. Plus, subjects range from tech to drawing to data entry, so you can tailor your education to fit your needs.



If you’re looking for a resource to start you on your coding journey, look no further than SoloLearn. The organization features courses in Python, HTML, Java, and much more. Their courses are focused on developing a community, so you will always have a support system of peers to go along with your in-course learning. You can complete work at home on a desktop computer or on the go on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The best part? Courses are free.



You’ve probably guessed from the name that this resource is also free to use. Better yet, freeCodeCamp graduates have high rates of employment at places like Google, Amazon, and Apple. The courses are specific, but there is a wide selection so you can learn exactly what you want. This site is used around the globe, so you have a whole world of expertise right at your fingertips. They even have options for local study groups if you want to work face to face with other people in your class once the pandemic subsides.



Contrary to what the name suggests, HTMLDog offers lessons in subjects other than HTML, including CSS and JavaScript. The website is a fantastic resource for people who have already familiarized themselves with coding or website development and want to further their skills. It is branded as a “101” learning site because it’s straightforward and doesn’t include a great deal of complicated interface, visuals, or gimmicks. If that’s your preference, HTMLDog is ideal and also free to use.

This is one of the only government-sponsored sites for web development and coding, providing comprehensive information and resources for workers interested in user experience (UX). UX is one of the biggest focuses in the tech world, and demand for experts is high. Developing a career focusing on UX could result in increased opportunities, as well as increased job security and pay. Plus, you guessed it, is free.


YouTube -Web Development In 2021 – A Practical Guide

YouTube isn’t just for cat videos and vloggers anymore. The site has a rapidly expanding selection of videos and tutorials on website development, all from people who just want to share their passion and expertise. These videos can be especially helpful for visual learners, who often struggle to learn effectively from written instructions. With YouTube, you get to see the process in action while you learn. Best of all, if you don’t mind the normal YouTube ads, the videos are free.




Udemy is one of the largest and most respected worldwide resources for learning website development. With hundreds of thousands of videos, you can find exactly the content you’re looking for. With Udemy’s reputation and resources, you can also be sure that you’re receiving the most up-to-date and thorough information possible. Udemy is a paid service, but you have lifelong access with your membership. The site also features frequent sales for those who are on a budget.


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Finding the right web development resources for you takes time, and learning every single aspect of web development takes even longer. If you decide you can’t commit the time to learn web development yourself or need a website developed for your current business while you wait, turn to Imagine Monkey. With our world-class design services, we can create a custom website that shows just how unique your business is without breaking the bank in the process. With multiple packages to choose from, you always know that you’re getting services tailored to your specific needs.

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