Why Your Custom Website Needs You!


At Imagine Monkey, we believe that the best websites emerge out of an intense and focused collaboration between a web designer and their client. While we are confident in our abilities and know that we are experts in our field, only you are an expert in your business. You know, better than anyone, what your company’s benefits, philosophy and core selling points are. As such, nobody is in a better position to guide your web design project than you!


Expertise + Experience = A Successful Custom Website

An expert web designer can offer you the latest web technologies: CSS3 transitions, parallax scrolling, professional e-commerce systems, dynamic search functionality and more. However, there are limits to how effectively these technologies can be implemented without a clear direction. Your experience running your business and your intimate knowledge of its unique characteristics are the direction that a web designer needs to put your business on the map.

For example, during our projects we focus on maintaining a constant dialogue. It’s important to us that we capture your business’ essence. As a result, we heavily rely upon our clients to provide us with knowledge about their company, input about our progress and comments pertaining to the site’s development.


Your input makes a good design great

Without your input, you could have the most beautiful custom website on the Internet. It could employ all the latest trends, have the best content and the sleekest design imaginable, but without you to direct those elements… to ensure they are being put to good use… the site will only be “good.”

A great site is as much about effect as it is about effects. If effect of the site is that it misrepresents your business, well, that’s a problem! When the two combine, though, through a collaborative, productive process, a “good” site becomes “great.” Suddenly, all of the site’s gears are turning towards a meaningful purpose: to inform customers about your business and convert them into paying customers.

At Imagine Monkey, we know that we’re great at custom website design. But, we also know that every amazing site out there was designed with a purpose in mind. Our clients share their purpose with us, we discuss it during their site’s development and, if necessary, we make adjustments to our designs to better achieve that purpose. Throughout every project, we invite — no, encourage! — our clients to follow the project closely, to keep track of our progress and to make comments whenever they feel it’s necessary.


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