Project Details Hypnobabies is dedicated to those seeking answers for empowered, easier and much more comfortable as well as safe childbirth options. Client: Hypnobabies Date: July 2019 URL: Hypnobabies.com ChallengeSolutionResultsChallenge Update the company’s site to be mobile responsive, with a…
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Googooroo, Inc.

Project Details Googooroo’s mission is to create a convenient wholesale online marketplace for seafood and agriculture products. Client: Googooroo, Inc. Date: April 2016 URL: Googooroo.com ChallengeSolutionResultsChallenge Create custom e-cocommerce marketplace where merchants can create storefronts to sell their merchandise to…
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True Recovery

Project Details True Recovery is a drug and alcohol treatment program based in Orange County California that addresses the needs of the individual seeking recovery from addiction. Client: True Recovery Date: April 2016 URL: TrueRecovery.com ChallengeSolutionResultsChallenge Design and develop a…
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Topseat Inc.

Project Details Topseat International is a global manufacturer of decorative, animated toilet seats with a national presence in online and retail stores. Client: Topseat Inc. Date: December 2014 URL: topseatusa.com ChallengeSolutionResultsChallenge Rebrand the company in a way that was tasteful…
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Picture Passing

Project Details Picture Passing was founded by Kristy Cashman Boland, an experienced cosmetologist and esthetician. The company offers instructional eBooks and videos to help students pass practical exams. Client: Picture Passing Date: February 2014 URL: picturepassing.com ChallengeSolutionResultsChallenge Create a functional…
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Dejuno Luggage

Project Details Dejuno manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of products specifically designed to meet the various needs of travelers worldwide. Client: Dejuno Luggage Date: January 2015 URL: dejuno.com ChallengeSolutionResultsChallenge Completely overhaul the company’s existing site with a more modern…
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medical supply repair

Imagine Monkey Portfolio – USOC Medical Project

Project Details USOC Medical contracted Imagine Monkey to help develop a custom e-commerce website to showcase their custom medical supply technology. Client: USOC Medical Date: July 2015 URL: USOCMedical.com ChallengeSolutionResultsChallenge Create a medical themed website that allowed customers to quickly…
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