Why Should I Hire an SEO Expert?


Search engine optimization is an essential aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Creating optimized content for your website and traffic boosts your position in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), making it easier for potential customers to connect with your brand. Most web browsers never make it past the first page of results. Optimizing your page for searching can help you land on that coveted first page, but it requires help from an SEO expert. Here’s why you should team with a professional web design agency to improve your SEO.

Stay on Top of Updates

SEO is a dynamic practice that constantly evolves, as do its best practices. Keeping your website up-to-date requires a working knowledge of search engine algorithm updates, as well as the trends that inform the industry. Google’s algorithm, for example, can undergo several minor changes a day, in addition to its more sweeping updates such as Penguin and Panda. Preparing for these changes and addressing your strategy accordingly can improve or detract from your SEO.

Think of it this way – you can technically represent yourself in court, but most legal experts would advise against that, since you don’t fully know the rules of the law. The same applies to your SEO – you can try to handle it yourself, but you could also be missing out on valuable opportunities, spinning your wheels creating content that no one ever sees.


Avoid Costly SEO Mistakes

By the same token, making an SEO error can lead to serious consequences regarding your business ranking on Google. For example, you could be accidentally using a keyword too often, which the engine will see as jamming. Over optimizing your website can be just as damaging as under optimizing, as an engine could punish your website by ranking it lower or even blacklisting it.

Even if you have a working knowledge of the basics of SEO, it is rapidly becoming a more complex practice. In today’s competitive digital landscape, a comprehensive working knowledge of SEO and the Google Webmaster Guidelines is essential. Simple mistakes can cost you traffic, sales leads, and revenue, and an expert can help insulate you from that risk. Outsourcing your search engine optimization efforts to an expert will allow you to make the most of investment.


Improve Your Online Business ROI

For any business, return on investment is an essential consideration factor spending money. For small and medium sized businesses, determining ROI is even more important since you run on smaller margins. You might think that you are saving money handling SEO on your own, but it’s likely a lot more work than you think it is. Instead of running your business, you’ll be taking on what amounts to another full-time job. The ROI you will receive in the form of qualified leads, conversions, and increased revenue when you pair with a professional SEO agency will make up quickly make up for the cost of hiring a reputable agency.


Save Time

One of the first things you’ll notice when you hand over the SEO reigns to a professional is how much time you have to focus on other work tasks. Small business owners often wear many different hats – running their company, handling the bookkeeping, and even being the cleaning service. Adding the burgeoning field of digital marketing is a lot to ask. Letting the experts handle search engine optimization allows you more time for innovation and growing your business. This is especially true if you don’t have extensive SEO experience. By outsourcing your SEO processes, you have time to make sure your other business operations are running smoothly.

SEO is not a “one and done” job. It is dynamic, it changes over time, and it requires a lot of time and dedication to leverage it effectively for your business. An agency has the resources, time, and professionals to dedicate to your online marketing strategy.


Understand Your Current SEO Standing and How to Improve

Maybe you have been working on your SEO solo, but do you know how to measure your success and return on investment? Optimizing your website is about more than just creating content that people can search. An SEO expert can help you understand which metrics your website needs to focus on and how you can improve your strategy using analytics. For example, an SEO specialist can help you track:

  • Your conversion rate connected to certain search queries
  • Rankings of website key phrases
  • Website traffic patterns

Your website produces a lot of data, and an SEO specialist can help you make sense of it. An agency can transform numbers into actionable insights and business intelligence that helps your company grow.

Most companies are familiar with the basics of SEO, but a thorough understanding of evolving best practices will help keep your business on top. An SEO agency can help you rank high on SERPs, optimize your website, and free up time for other business tasks while providing valuable return on investment. For more information on Imagine Monkey’s SEO services, please contact an SEO expert.


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