Custom E-Commerce vs. Third-Party Platforms

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about e-commerce solutions on our blog, even though they remain some of our most popular services. So let’s start with the basics… what is an e-commerce system? Well, if you’re familiar with selling your products online through places like Etsy or eBay, you probably already have a pretty good understanding of them. The difference, though, is that a custom e-commerce system (integrated) is an online shop that is integrated into your website and allows you to sell your products without needing to rely on a third party.


But what are the benefits of an integrated e-commerce system?

There are a number! First and foremost, when you run your own online shop, you don’t need to pay processing fees to a third party on any of your transactions. With Etsy and eBay both taking a small percentage of your sales, those pennies add up to dollars which, over time, can lead to a sizable dent in your profits. With your own e-commerce system, though, you retain the full purchase price on all of your products. And without the financial burden of recurring expenses, transaction charges or usage fees, you’re free to invest in something that truly advocates for your business and your business alone.

More importantly, however, is the fact that a customized e-commerce system allows you to tailor your visitors’ experiences. While it may seem trivial, being able to brand your store lends a level of credibility to your business, it causes your visitors to see you as a legitimate contender and, as a result, allows you to more easily transform views into sales.


But isn’t all that customization expensive and time consuming?

To be blunt: it can be! If you’re looking to start the next big online general store, something like Amazon or NewEgg, you should expect your budget to match your expectations. However, for most small businesses, the cost of adding a high quality e-commerce system to their site is typically in the same price range as their original website design. If you’re making regular sales, pushing high ticket items and making a proper margin, you can expect a good online shop to pay itself off in no time.

At Imagine Monkey, we’ve been helping Orange County locals move their businesses online since 2007. Not only do we have the technical experience to build a stunning e-commerce website, we know how to design a shop that converts visitors into customers. Our team of branding and content experts works closely with every client, determines their company’s unique selling points and then, working with our designers, transitions those qualities into the design of the shop itself. In the end, not only do you have a shop that advocates for your brand, you free yourself from the financial obligations that come with using third-party sales platforms.


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