Top 5 Reasons Why A Custom Website Is Better Than DIY

We’re often asked why custom websites are more advantageous than DIY websites. There’s a lot of reasons, really, that may or or may not matter to the average business owner. Anything from the convenience of not having to build your own site to the stigma associated with the more “generic” DIY sites. There are, however, a few reasons that affect every business owner. Today, we’re going to take a look at five of them… five reasons that your business deserves to be represented by a custom website.


A custom website properly reflects your brand

Your brand is unique and that uniqueness is what draws your customers. If a potential customer was looking for the same old thing, they’d have already found it in one of your competitors. With a customized website, you’re able to capitalize on your business’ special characteristics. From how you present yourself visually to the structure and flow of your content, in the world of Internet business, one size just doesn’t always fit everyone.


A custom site gives you exactly the features you need, without compromise

With a DIY page builder, your toolset is often limited. What if you want to process payments using a method that the builder doesn’t support? What if you need to implement a repository for user manuals or product specifications that the builder doesn’t offer? Well, you’re out of luck! When you have a custom website created, though, the sky is the limit: any payment method, any software, any layout… you’re only limited by your imagination!


Unlike with DIY websites, you will fully own your website

If you use a DIY page builder, your page becomes the property of the company that offered you the DIY service. That means your site can disappear at any time and for any reason. You own your business… why not own your site? When you hire a web designer to create your site, you end up with something that is yours. You can move your site to new hosting, implement new features and, most importantly, you never have to worry about losing your site because you forgot to sign an updated Terms of Service agreement.


With a custom site, you aren’t tied into a proprietary system

DIY page builders are often severely limited in their offerings. From extremely simplified page layouts and generic templates to limited software and questionable mobile responsiveness, they just aren’t designed to handle all of the wonderful technology that a custom website can offer you. If you want your page to be memorable, to really strike a chord with your visitors, only a custom website can give you the tools you need.


A custom website can expand as your business grows

The biggest benefit that a custom website offers is that it can expand as your business grows. That’s always the goal, right? To grow your business? Well, with a DIY page builder, you’re locked into certain decisions and design elements that prohibit your site from evolving. Without this, your site could be left in the dust as your business grows to service new markets and offer new products.


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