New Concierge Services

Sometimes you don’t have time to manage your servers and hardware. Whatever your business, you’ve built it into something great, but it takes every bit of your focus and expertise. Managed services allow you to turn responsibility for your website hosting and operating systems over to experts so you can give all your attention to growing your business.

What is Managed Hosting?

If you currently use a shared hosting service, your website lives on one server with hundreds, maybe thousands of other websites. Often businesses grow at such a rate, their equipment requires more hands-on work than they have time for.

Managed hosting is like having an expert electrician, master plumber, landscape architect and pool technician taking care of you 24/7. You still own the property, your enjoyment of it is only enhanced by the superb service.

Our technicians and processes free you from having to maintain layers of technology so you can run your business. Here’s what managed hosting includes:

  • Dedicated West Coast server provides extreme load speeds for regional traffic (1 second <).
    Ultra-high security firewall protects your company’s network from outside attack while still giving employees unobstructed access.
  • 1 Gbps ting fiber internet is more than 20 times faster than the speediest cable internet connections.
    Managed backups protect your data.
  • Dedicated servers provide a number of advantages. You have higher levels of security and control. Even your most demanding applications perform at their highest capabilities. Link information on our dedicated servers with the cloud of your choice to get the most out of your applications.

Introducing Managed Maintenance

Managed hosting takes care of your site’s home on the internet, just like you would maintain the functional and structural aspects of your home. Managed maintenance takes care of everything that goes on inside. It’s like having an interior decorator, five-star chef and housekeeper working around the clock to maintain and enhance everything in your environment.

Once you’ve designed a website, you must update and repair certain elements to keep it up and running. You may not have time to install security patches or sort through code to keep things running smoothly. Managed maintenance does this for you.

Our experts will take care of things like concierge updates, security monitoring, intrusion scanning and regular system updates. We provide ongoing support and regular updates so you don’t have to think about it.

Running and maintaining a website may seem more cost-effective at first, until you calculate not just the drain on your time, but the cost of slow websites and downtime.

Website speed affects conversions. Here’s how slow-loading pages affect your bottom line.

  • Almost half of web users expect pages to load in 2 seconds or less, or they abandon their search.
  • Seventy-nine percent of online visitors unhappy with site performance say they won’t visit the site again.
  • Forty-four percent of users say they tell friends when they have a poor online experience.

You don’t just lose unhappy visitors, you might lose potential customers. It pays to invest in faster site loads. You can test your current web speed with online tools like Page Speed Online or Web Page test.

With managed maintenance, we optimize your website so it loads up to one second faster, guaranteed. One study found a 1-second improvement can cause a seven percent increase in conversions. How much more could you make if you signed up for managed maintenance?

Announcing Managed Support

Advances in artificial intelligence have made information available on demand. Many people purchase devices like Amazon’s Echo to control their home’s thermostat, sprinklers and music system. They can check traffic and weather conditions, ask about movie times or hear the latest headlines. Whatever they need, Alexa is standing by to help.

Managed support provides a similar service for your website. Sometimes businesses have questions about how to enhance their website or update their current design, but they don’t know who to ask. Let us be your on-demand expert.

When companies notice issues or want tips, they turn to specialists like us who understand their businesses and how best to optimize their online presence. Managed support is available for existing and new website design clients.

Why Managed?

We offer any of our three managed services separately, or they can be bundled together for additional savings and maximum benefit. Managed services provide cost savings, since you avoid unexpected IT expense and you never have to hire additional staff to support business growth. They boost your website performance and leave you with total control over your apps, operating systems and security.

Turn the headache of management over to our experts so you can focus on innovation. Contact us today to find out more.