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WordPress Web Design Services.

Building on the trusted WordPress platform, we’re able to develop a handcrafted website that allows your visitors to quickly navigate, access it on multiple different devices, and be engaged enough to come back for more. A compelling and credible WordPress website helps cultivate the consumer relationship, turning your website visitors into lifelong clients.

Your website is the core of your online marketing activities. While spending your hard earned cash on advertising can help and is encouraged, ultimately your website needs to be able to convert visitors into clients on its own merit, otherwise all other marketing efforts are wasted. This is where Imagine Monkey can help you achieve your conversion goals with a precisely designed and developed website.

7 Stage Web Design Process.


Here at Imagine Monkey, we take a hands-on approach with every project and work closely with our clients to custom design products for their brands. Our team of web design experts looks at your website’s purpose, goals, and target audience to gain a complete understanding of your specific needs.


We create wireframe models of your website, design the visual style you envision, and optimize usability—both UI (user interface) design and UX (user experience) design. To help maintain your custom website we provide professional-grade tools that allow you the freedom to update as you see fit.


During the development phase, we create your website using precise HTML & CSS coding while working with you to ensure your vision is accurately rendered on-screen. We’ll take advantage of our industry repositories to bring you the most up-to-date scripts available and incorporate the principles of responsive design for mobile devices.


At Imagine Monkey, we don’t pump out template-based websites. While those can be fine, we design every website from scratch in the spirit of being true artisans of our craft. During our one-on-one planning phase, we’ll work with you to create your sitemap and website structure while discussing the technologies we’ll be using to develop the website of your dreams.


Failing to work on your content is like forgetting to add flour to a cake: you can work as hard as you want on design and it will look appetizing, but no one will actually want to eat it. Content is the foundation of any good website. We handle copywriting, provide photo and video services to drive more traffic, and will tailor your content for SEO (search engine optimization).


We perform technical testing on your website’s compatibility with multiple browsers to ensure it reaches the most eye possible. We also ask the question: “Does it fulfill its purpose?” In the end, the goal is to answer that question with a resounding “Yes!” by hooking visitors and converting them to loyal clients.


The final phase is launching your website. Our work doesn’t end when your website goes public: We monitor your website to ensure it continues operating at maximum capacity, and depending on your project we can even perform ongoing website maintenance and updates.

From beginning to end, we’re here for your website. Imagine Monkey creates effective, optimized websites that attract, engage, and convert ideal audiences. The best websites grow with your business. We’re here to make that happen.