Mobilegeddon: Could Be Bad News For Non-Mobile Friendly Websites

In the last couple days have you noticed a drop in your website’s traffic? Have you been receiving less customer contacts or, even worse, selling less products? Well, the bad news is…


Your website may have become a victim of Mobilegeddon!

Mobilegeddon is the result of Google retooling its search algorithm. In an effort to push mobile-friendly design, the company’s search engine now assigns a higher priority to mobile-responsive sites when sorting search results. It’s estimated that as many as 40% of the Internet’s top websites could be affected by Mobilegeddon.

But don’t give up! If you realize that you have been affected, Imagine Monkey will provide you with a free quote for a custom website redesign. All of our sites are 100% mobile-compatible and guaranteed to work on all devices… smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets and more.

Don’t let your business fade away, languishing on the final pages of Google’s search results! We can get you back online, back on top and, most importantly… back in business. So if you’ve been considering a redesign or, like many, if the recent changes have backed you into a corner, contact us today to give your website a well-deserved makeover!