Web Design Trends for 2022

2022 is here, and it’s clear the year will be full of exciting new trends for web design. Many of the most significant trends involve an increased level of playfulness when it comes to both the appearance and utility of a website’s look. This year, people are looking for fun, interactive, and optimistic sites that supply a break from their daily lives. Here are the most important trends to watch as the year progresses. 


Users Want to Have Fun🎉

Much like the way certain clothing fashions come back decades later, so has the desire to experience the web as we did when it was first introduced. Before the focus on SEO strategies and search engine algorithms, web designers had free reign to experiment with web design. Now, the ability to experiment has come back anew, and one of the leading trends for 2022 is the return to a fun, optimistic, and creative approach to web design. This means bold colors, fun features, varied typography, and unique interactivity. If you’re developing a website this year, keep things optimistic and lighthearted. 


Simplistic, Open Design🧿

In 2022, despite the trend toward fun web design, less can still be more. Clean design that involves a heavy use of white space can help set a website apart from the crowd. It’s also worth noting that many people tend to feel overwhelmed or bombarded by too much information and busy graphics. The simple, open trend can be great because it works well with Google’s most recent algorithm update. Similarly, many SEO plans focus on clear, concise content that is mobile-friendly and conducive to improving site speed. Keeping it simple means faster loading times, which is also great for mobile content.

Fewer or No Images on the Homepage 🖻

For quite some time, image-centric designs and layouts have been the standard. As we enter 2022, that may be changing, whether you prefer to maintain a clean, open design or have a little more fun with your homepage. Web designers are breaking away from the photographic standard and relying on creative design tricks to shape the user experience. Experimenting with the color scheme, typography, animations, and other interactive tools are replacing traditional stock photos. Minimal images on your homepage also creates a sort of mystery, inviting users to dive deeper into the content to learn more.


Scrolling Text Design📇

This design element continues to grow in popularity in 2022. Scrolling text design uses oversized fonts to highlight keywords or phrases, usually on a site’s homepage. This text can move slowly to your desired location or can be an outlined typeface that allows for visibility behind it. Scrolling text design encourages interaction with the site, which keeps users engaged for longer and may improve conversion rates.


Embrace Technology with 3D Design🌌

Technology will always play a key role in web design trends. This year, there has been an increased demand for interactive features. These may include using 3D web design, animations, virtual reality, and other features that embrace technology while incorporating a fun experience for visitors to the site. We also have access to speedier broadband and mobile data than ever before, which is necessary for ensuring that these interactive features don’t slow your site down. In addition, many visitors are now using 4K laptops and monitors, increasing the demand for design elements that are crisp and clean. 


Split-Screen Design 🖥️

This trend started a few years ago and continues to be a major trend in 2022. Split-screen design features a horizontal or vertical split with content on either side. This provides a fun, interactive visual experience that gives users multiple entry points to explore further content. While some use split-screen primarily to enhance the usability of the site, many other web designers introduced split-screen because they simply like the look.


App-Like Experiences 📱

Mobile friendliness is important to enhance user experience and play into Google’s technical SEO requirements. As an extension of this effort, it’s important to note that people have become accustomed to experiencing the web on mobile devices via a variety of apps. As such, one 2022 trend is creating websites that offer an experience like an app. This works great to develop a focus on the user experience. Common features include multiple points of interaction, animations, and a dynamic experience that goes beyond simple information exchange. 


One-Page Websites📔

This 2022 trend is perfect for those who are working with a narrow subject matter or want to highlight a specific project. A one-page website provides the user an experience that mimics holding a flyer or reading a poster. Instead of having to navigate through multiple tabs and menus, all the necessary information is already on-screen. One-page design is simple but can be highly effective.


Seize the Year with Imagine Monkey’s Design Services

If you’re looking for web design that will have your site in line with 2022’s dominant trends, Imagine Monkey can help. Our experts can update your design to fit the needs and desires of your users and ensure you’re adhering to SEO requirements. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you. 


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