No Fools In April: Free Web Security!

It’s the dawning of a new month and that can only mean one thing… a new promotion! This time, we wanted to offer something in the spirit of the month. We thought about all of the cruel pranks and hoaxes that can be perpetrated against an insecure website by ill-intentioned hackers.


In light of that, we’re offering one month of free web security with every new site design.

A while back we talked about how important web security is and why we think that regular, thorough maintenance to ensure the security your site is a rock solid investment. So, this month, we’re putting our money where our mouth is! With every new site that we design, we’ll be giving away a full month of security testing, maintenance and upgrades. You won’t have to worry about vulnerabilities in outdated software or plugins… and you’ll see just how valuable peace of mind really is.

If you’ve been considering moving your business online or even updating your existing online presence, it’s a great time to move. With the promise of a secure site, your customers can shop with confidence and you can rest easy knowing that your company’s information is locked up tight, guarded and secure.

More importantly, if you depend on business from an e-store you’ll be able to show your customers just how important their personal data is to your company. With a massive number of identity theft cases resulting from insecure online stores, we’re certain that your clients will be appreciative of the extra measures that you’ve taken to protect their information.

So, what’ve you got to lose? If your online store is outdated, insecure or just plain inefficient… contact us today for a free quote!