E-commerce Tactics to Increase Revenue

Increasing and maintaining traffic to your online store can be tricky. There are many e-commerce tactics advertised to increase sales or drive traffic, and it is difficult to decide which methods to incorporate while growing your online store. Here is a list of eight e-commerce tactics to improve customer experience and drive sales:

Personalize Customer Experiences

Customers often claim their shopping experience is better when it is personally catered to them. When you add features to your website that allow you to get to know your customers better, incorporate technology to remember customers, and adjust results accordingly, your small efforts can have a big impact.  

One example of a highly personalized shopping experience can be found on Amazon. Amazon is familiar with you as soon as you log in, remembering products you have viewed in the past, recommending new ones, taking note of your location, recommending a local store, and even offering products it’s determined you are likely to want – even if you have not searched before. This personalized experience gives users a unique experience and makes them feel like the online store is looking out for them.

Offer Upgrades

Offering an upgrade when a consumer is putting a product into their cart will grab their interest and encourage them to spend more. Show your consumers how the additional product will benefit them, and explain the difference between it and what they have in their cart. Keep in mind the target price your consumer is looking for. The product must exceed their expectations for them to increase the amount they would like to spend.

Tailored Payment and Delivery Options

More consumers are doing their shopping online, and they are not satisfied with one payment option. A variety of options such as PayPal, eCheck, and credit/debit processing card must be available to ensure you will make the sale. If you have consumers in other countries, you should incorporate an international payment option so they can purchase your products with ease. 

Offer a variety of delivery options. Some of your consumers will want to spend less on shipping for a longer wait time. Other consumers may need the product quickly and will be willing to spend more on shipping. Providing options offers customers the chance to choose a delivery method that meets their needs.

Utilize Social Media

Incorporate a social media log-in option. Users are more likely to register or sign up for your website if there is a simple Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus log-in option. Social media sign-up allows your users to save time, and it increases the chances they will actually use your site. Implementing these social media e-commerce tactics will help you engage with your target audience.

Quality Product Descriptions

One common downfall with e-commerce websites is a lack of investment in their product listings. A detailed description of the products you are offering gives your users a better idea of what they are buying. This information is important to your consumers because they are not physically holding the item before they decide to purchase. The more information they have, the more likely they are to move forward with the order.

Encourage Reviews

Reviews are a key part of increasing e-commerce sales. Many customers look to reviews before deciding to make a purchase. A review gives your consumers a better idea of the product and how it works in a real world scenario. Make it easy for consumers to leave reviews on your products. Send email reminders after a product is delivered for customers to leave a product review. These reviews should be easy to find and are directly below the product listing.

Incorporate High-Quality Photos and Videos

One of the smartest investments you can make for your online store is high-quality photography and videos. High-quality photographs of your products will show your consumers what to expect in greater detail. Poor photographs or lack of photograph variety will push your consumers away from the product.

Incorporate videos on your website of consumers using the product or giving product reviews. Seeing the product in action will give them a better idea of how the product works and whether it will meet their needs. This feature gives your website variety and multiple resources for your consumers.

Optimize Email Auto-Responders

Sending out regular emails to your consumers helps keep them engaged in your company and products. Keeping them informed on the status of their order or letting them know about upcoming promotions can encourage them to return to your website.

Use email reminders to reach out to customers who have built a wishlist or left products in their cart. Emails reminding the customer of the product they liked or left in their cart can act as a trigger to purchase the item. But, no matter which tactics and tools you use, Imagine Monkey has the experience to help you along the way. Contact a web developer today for more information.


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E-commerce Tactics to Increase Revenue


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