Do I Need A Maintenance Plan With My Custom Website?

At Imagine Monkey, we offer website maintenance plans at the conclusion of every project. We know that businesses cherish their online presence and our plans are designed to ensure the persistence of that presence. As we mentioned previously in our series on web security, new software vulnerabilities are discovered every day and, unfortunately, opportunistic hackers will exploit them regardless of your company’s size, stature or Internet popularity.

When you opt in to an ongoing maintenance plan, you take a crucial step towards securing your website against online attacks. These attacks could threaten your site’s uptime, your customer’s personal information and, most importantly, your company’s profitability. Considering a maintenance plan, then, isn’t about “cleaning house,” it’s about making sure your home’s locks are secure, its windows are tightly sealed and its walls sturdily constructed.

What assurances does a maintenance plan provide?

On the most basic level, site maintenance plans allow you to be certain of the knowledge that your website’s software is updated, that there aren’t any unpatched security vulnerabilities and that every aspect of the site is running optimally. More importantly, though, maintenance plans give you peace of mind.

Many of the most important things in our life are protected by insurance. We insure our cars, our homes, even our lives. In a lot of ways, a maintenance plan can be seen as insurance for your website that protects against unforeseen — and often costly — events that occur outside of your control. If your site is hacked, suffers a software malfunction or the servers hosting it are compromised, a maintenance plan gives you peace of mind with the guarantee that your site will be restored in a timely manner, with minimal interruption of the services your customers have come to expect.


Who else does a maintenance plan protect?

A maintenance plan guards your most precious asset: your customers! If your e-commerce system is compromised, not only will your business suffer an embarrassing setback, the security of your customers’ private data will be put at risk. Credit card information, physical addresses, personal details… everything a thief needs to steal their identity could be lost. By protecting yourself with regular maintenance, you also serve to protect your customers. As every successful online business knows, a safe customer is a happy customer… and a happy customer always comes back.

In summary, we believe that every business can benefit from having their site’s upkeep handled by a professional. This belief is even stronger if your site offers an online shop. Protecting your customers, ensuring the online persistence of your brand, gaining a measure of peace of mind… all of these things and more are gained by investing in monthly maintenance services. Ultimately, we believe that every business is worth the investment, that it is worth going that one extra mile to safeguard against the tarnishing of your company’s image.​