Web Security And You, Part 1: It Can Happen To Anyone

The recent attack on Sony’s computer systems serves as a stark reminder to businesses of all size that ensuring their web security is not optional. Nefarious hackers — or, really, even Google-savvy teenagers — have the ability to cripple websites of any size with a few simple keystrokes.

Just this month, over 11,000 websites were infected by the “SoakSoak” malware. Blacklisted by Google due to the infection, countless pages became invisible to the Internet, thousands of hours were spent repairing the damage and an untold amount of revenue was lost. In most cases, site owners were completely unaware of the infection and, even worse, had no idea how to repair the damage.


But, alas, all is not lost!

There are ways to secure your website and prevent such catastrophes from happening to you. Think of it this way… You wouldn’t leave your storefront without locking the doors, right? When you go on vacation, you make sure there’s a pole in the sliding glass door, right? For the same reason you take these simple precautions to protect your physical property, you need to take a few precautions to safeguard your online property.

At Imagine Monkey, we take care of every aspect of our your site’s security. From simple safeguards to advanced software, we lock your site down, prevent unauthorized access and provide you with a secure, safe method of access. Furthermore, we offer long-term security services, extended warranties and upgrades.

If you’ve invested in creating a custom website for your business, you’re likely already aware of some simple web security methods.

When we build a business site for you, we build it for you alone and make every effort to prevent access by unauthorized individuals. But… you’re just a small business, right? Who would go out of their way to invade your site?

Unfortunately, the answer is: lots of people. In the case of the SoakSoak malware, the vast majority of the sites affected were personal sites, small businesses and otherwise “unimportant” pages. If it can happen to them, sadly, it can happen to anyone. Just like in the physical world where it isn’t always the big name stores that get hit… in the digital world, thieves and malcontents are looking to open any unsecured doors they can find.


Our Web Security Solutions

By implementing a few security measures, not only do you protect your site but you discourage would-be intruders from even trying to enter. Often, once they realize that your site is protected, potential thieves will move on to easier prey. Here at Imagine Monkey, we take your digital security seriously. We understand that your online presence is as — if not more — important as your physical presence. To that end, we ensure that the safeguards implemented in every site we create are up to date, properly configured and fully documented.

In summary, as recent events have shown, everyone — from the biggest conglomerates to the smallest companies — is vulnerable to online attacks. It’s unfortunate but we have to accept it as the cost of doing business and work around it. The best solution, as always, is to contact a professional website designer and discuss your concerns. From there, it is typically only a matter of installing, configuring and regularly updating your site’s security measures… all of which can be handled by you or your site’s creator.


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