Will AI Replace Web Development Jobs in the Future?

The recent use of AI that has everyone talking today is the Chat GPT demo introduced by Open AI. This chatbot, powered by AI, is capable of providing customers with personal, detailed feedback and has worried some markets that the customer service industry will rapidly change due to such technologies. However, reviews have shown that chatbots such as these are still easily prone to error and are not anywhere close to being able to replace individuals. 


The Role of AI in Our Lives and Careers

When you go to a fast-food restaurant, drive through a highway toll, or go to check out at some stores, you will notice a common theme: machines have begun to replace people’s jobs. While many agree that machines replacing basic, low-level jobs is normal and a natural part of technological progress, others are starting to worry whether more skilled jobs, such as web developer jobs, will be replaced by machines. 

In addition to these concerns, artificial intelligence is growing in complexity and importance. It has the potential to take over many tasks and calculations that humans previously carried out. For example, the World Economic Forum predicted that AI would take over around 85 million jobs by the year 2025. However, this report also stated that over 95 million jobs would be put into the market because of AI. 

While the healthcare industry is the sector that will most likely be impacted in the near future, this will change as AI advances and becomes more ubiquitously used. The AI that we have today is a small drop in the ocean compared to the capabilities it will have in the future. 


AI and Web Development Jobs

Digital marketing thought leaders are starting to look critically at whether such AI technologies could be used to develop bots that could potentially do the job of a web developer. However, this is not likely to happen any time soon. For starters, there is always the need for a skilled developer who knows what information to ask an AI and how to pose a command or question so that the AI result can contribute to the building of a site. 

Another critical challenge that AI has not been able to answer is code interpretation and bug identification. While an AI might be able to build basic components of a website, it is not self-aware, which means it cannot read over code and identify bugs that are corrupting the site. For these tasks, a web developer will always be critical. In addition to this, much of the code generated by bots such as ChatGPT is incorrect. So, if an AI is creating erroneous code and can’t fix itself, in the end, this would cost more money for a company than hiring a web developer to do the job. 

As mentioned before, AI can create basic code that represents common “building blocks” of a website. However, website developers are needed to understand this code and where it can fit within the larger framework of an application. Only a web developer can integrate this code into the broader project and make the user experience seamless and uninterrupted by error. 

Furthermore, removing a “building block” from a larger framework to be separately integrated into a new project can cause dependencies between code to be broken. Only a developer will have the knowledge to fix these dependencies. 

When developing a website for a user, the design eye of a developer is irreplaceable by AI. Representing the brand, goals, and overall image of a company can only be accomplished by a human being who understands the people who work there and can work hand-in-hand with the employees to get an excellent final product. 

Optimized code, or code that consumes minimized resources while executing a specific command, is something that only an experienced web developer can currently accomplish. In order to save money and resources, optimized code is extremely important to business plans; however, AI currently has no models to create such code. 

It is important to note that “true” logical-based AI that can pass the Turning Test could potentially be used to present some robust advantages, but these types of AI are decades away from being developed.


AI as an Aid for Web Developers

AI may not replace web developers, but it could certainly help them do their jobs in the near future. For example, junior developers and web designers could use AI to help with menial tasks or to help explain existing code. Developers will be able to work faster and smarter with AI technologies, using them to create basic foundations of websites while using their own design experience and tech expertise to design optimal custom websites for clients.


Imagine Monkey’s Solutions: AI and Web Development

If you are on the hunt to learn more about how to optimize the web development process using cutting-edge AI technologies, consult with our experts at Imagine Monkey. Our team of developers is experienced and knowledgeable in helping businesses create the optimal web page to showcase their brand, services, and products. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started with your website development journey.



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