5 Important Features to Make a Good Landing Page


A good landing page is instrumental in making your first impression to site visitors, and this prospect can be a little daunting to some website creators. You got people to click, but now you want them to stay and engage with your content, and maybe you’re not sure how to do that. Luckily for you, we know a few things about competent and captivating landing page design.


Whether you want to provide informative content, sell goods or services, showcase a portfolio, interact with a user base, or provide a jumping point to find other sites, there are basics to cover to drum up interest in your visitors. No matter your unique website type, your landing page needs to create interest and intrigue on your site for your visitors to engage with you and your content. Here are a few important ways to create an interesting and useful front page.


  1. Informational Opener


A visitor to your website wants to know your purpose. You have to explain what you want to provide to visitors and its value, from the moment they open your landing page. You know your services best, so be sure to clearly state what your intention is right away, through a straightforward headline and sub-header. The less effort a visitor to your website has to put in to understand what you’re about, the more likely they are to stick around. 


Above all, simplicity is key: state your goal as a website, and why it’s valuable to your visitors. The less room for confusion, the more room for curiosity, and more people clicking around your website to learn more, rather than clicking the back button out of disinterest.


  1. Your Benefits


Someone visiting your front page as they window-shop and browse through similar websites will want to know why they should use your website, pick your service, or read your journal above any other, and you need to tell them why. Be sure to be confident in what makes you the best choice over another website. You must explain what key features make you stand out, how your expertise differs from your competitors, and what benefits your visitors can expect if they consume your content, hire you, buy from you, or otherwise interact with your website. 


  1. Site Navigation


Never underestimate good graphic design and site coding. Having clear menu tabs, a useful search function, and a well-placed and eye-catching logo can go far in making your website welcoming and easy to follow. Easy navigation and an uncrowded landing page create an open space for your visitor to click around with ease and limit any confusion or overstimulation. 


Be sure that the menu tabs are visible instantly once your website has been opened, but keep them concise, so they don’t crowd the screen when visitors try to read more on your landing page. While the use of small graphics, or icons, in place of words for ‘Menu’ or ‘Blog’ is aesthetically appealing, they can create confusion. To be sure your visitors have zero issues navigating your menu, combine those icons with their corresponding text rather than allowing them to replace the words entirely.


  1. Proof of Success


Boost your credibility by including evidence of your claims. A portfolio of your work, or client/customer reviews and stories, something that puts weight behind your statements of intent. You could include certifications or sponsors as credibility, or other ways that assure your visitors that you’re going to uphold your end of the ‘bargain,’ that being your headline of what you wish to provide to people who use your site. Case studies or statistics can further show your professionality and prove to people clicking on your landing page that you’re the best at what you do.


  1. Call to Action


Multiple times throughout your piece, you should tell visitors to your landing page where they can find the solution to their query: your website. You could want them to browse your products and services, your blog or catalog, or start creating something — regardless, you constantly need to remind your visitors that your website has what they’ve been reading about, right at their fingertips and easily accessible, through a call to action. 


While you don’t want to be spamming a visitor with your calls to action, you want to make sure they are intermittently placed throughout your landing page. They should highlight your value as a website and be actionable statements. Having one visually prominent call to action is also useful, creating some visual separation and importance to draw the eye and interest.


Advance your landing pages With Imagine Monkey’s Custom Web Design


Knowing how important first impressions are to the future of your website, you want to find a web design company that knows its way through the basics and the specifics of making an informative front page. Imagine Monkey has experts in custom web design who can create a good landing page perfect for the style and brand of your website, all while developing interest and interaction with your website. Contact us to learn more about our professional and innovative web design.



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