Imagine Monkey: 2014 In Review (A Retrospective)

It’s been another year in the world of Imagine Monkey Web Design, which means it’s time for the year in review!

This year, we’ve kept ourselves busy with a number of local, personal and small business web design projects. We’ve added a number of great clients to our portfolio, from a residential HVAC startup to a group of established financial advisors. Through it all, we’ve aimed to keep moving forward, keep pushing the limits of our craft and, most of all, keep learning.

In light of that, we’d like to look back on some of the positive changes we’ve made to our process. In a business like this, it’s important to stay ahead of the trends. Our edge is that we’re always looking to improve, we’re always examining the way we do things and asking ourselves, “Is there a better way to handle this?”

So let’s take a look at a few examples of when the answer to that question was a resounding, “Yes!”


Live Video Training

One of the things we noticed was that our clients loved our recorded video training. As a reference, it allowed them to really dive in and learn the ins and outs of their new site. When we heard about how helpful people found them, we asked ourselves, “How can we take this up a notch?” Our solution was to provide free live video training with all new websites and website redesigns. Not only does this help us establish ourselves as experts in our field, it allows our customers to receive immediate answers to any questions they might have.


Goodbye, Basecamp

In 2014, we took on a lot of projects. In the process, we learned that the easiest way to track a project and inform our clients of upcoming changes was by using an online project management system. For the longest time, we used Basecamp and, by and large, it met our needs. But… we felt that something was missing. In the last few months, we’ve slowly transitioned over to a system specifically tailored for our clients. This new modular solution allows us to properly connect with our clients on a much more fundamental level, and engage with them easier. Ultimately, we felt that Imagine Monkey, as a brand, needed to be represented in every corner of our site and our new project management system allows us that level of representation.


Hello, Redesign

As you’ve no doubt noticed, our website recently underwent a pretty big overhaul. While we all enjoyed the old design, we felt that it didn’t accurately reflect what we were doing and, more importantly, what we wanted to be doing. Now, with clearer paths to our essential services — SEO, content marketing and web design — the site guides visitors more easily towards their desired destination. Additionally, we enhanced the functionality of the site by creating new forms, integrating informational videos and adding a link that allows clients to access their project directly from the landing page.

All told, 2014 was an exciting, fun and busy year. We created online presences for new businesses, we redesigned dated websites and, above all, we made a whole lot of new friends! If the opening days of 2015 are any indication, it’s going to be another awesome year here at Imagine Monkey…

So here’s to many more!