Custom Web Design Vs. DIY Web Design


With so many web design services out there, finding exactly the designer that your company needs is becoming harder and harder. A nearly infinite number of variables can influence your decision… the size of your company, the demographics of your customer base, your company’s location, your own personal tastes and many, many more. So, when you’re looking to have your site created, what is the first thing you need to establish? In our opinion, the first question you should ask is…


Do I need a DIY or a Custom Website?

A stock website utilizes existing templates, content and designs. On the other hand, a custom website starts from scratch, creating every element with your business in mind. If getting a stock site is like buying a nice suit from an outlet mall, a custom website is having your suit made by an experienced tailor.

If you want your site to absolutely, perfectly represent your business, a custom website is your best option. Just like having a suit created, the process takes time… your designer must select and create elements that reflect your business’ philosophies. And, while the wait may be longer, the end product will be definitively yours. It will be a true extension of your business, rather than an afterthought.



But, really, what is custom web design?

A truly custom website is an attempt to accurately transition the feel, ambiance and philosophy of a business into the online space. While there exist opportunities to do this with stock web design, only a custom website offers the designer precision control over every aspect of the site’s appearance.

Imagine that you’re painting a picture. As a custom web designer, you would have control over the shades, hues and saturation of your paints. You would be able to adjust the height and width of your canvas. When finished, you would be able to frame and embellish your painting in a way that accentuated its beauty.

This is the level of control that custom web designers enjoy. Without the limitations of using an existing template, they are free to transform your business into an online entity, rather than being forced to make minor tweaks to an existing site design so that it vaguely emulates your business.



Is representation really that important?

Absolutely! Think about the biggest brands in the world… when you walk into a brick-and-mortar store in Chicago you are treated to the same experience as if you had walked into a store in Austin. Good companies go to great lengths to ensure the consistency of their representation. They implement dress codes, customer service procedures, cleaning regimens and event guidelines.

More importantly, however, they understand that their website acts as a gateway into their business and they structure their site accordingly. Whether it’s through a custom e-commerce system that mirrors the customer experience of their physical stores or a landing page that reiterates the company’s established slogans, successful businesses develop a brand identity and tailor every aspect of their business to communicate that identity.

At Imagine Monkey, we create custom websites for local businesses that want to develop, expand or maintain their brand identities. We start from nothing by examining what makes your company unique and use that information to create a professional website that successfully leverages those qualities. Above all, we aim to create a website that acts as an extension of your business.



Updated: 2/21/2023


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