Why Mobile Friendly Design Isn’t An Option


At Imagine Monkey, we’re often asked if our web design quotes include mobile responsiveness. In short… yes! We believe that attracting mobile users is one of the most important things that a business can do to expand their reach. Frankly, if you’re missing out on mobile searchers, you’re missing out on almost half of your potential audience. As such, we believe that every single website needs to be mobile responsive.


Mobile responsive design should no longer be considered an add on

If you’re looking to have a new website designed, we encourage you to seek out a designer that understands the importance of mobile friendly design. Anyone who views responsive design as an “add on” or an “additional service” is out of touch with the current online landscape. With Google recently reworking their search algorithm to remove non-mobile sites from some of their results, it’s no longer an option to have a site that doesn’t appear correctly on mobile devices.

The goal of any web design company should be to build a site that effectively transitions your brand into the online space. If a company believes that they can build a mobile unfriendly website that achieves that, they’re absolutely wrong. An effective website reaches the broadest audience, it appears on relevant search results and it’s accessible to customers on all devices. A non-responsive website, in short, just can’t do any of those things reliably.


Your customers expect to reach your site via multiple devices

A customer that finds your site on their desktop computer will usually expect to find your site on other devices, as well. This means, if one of your site’s visitors finds you at home, they aren’t going to think to write down relevant information like your address, telephone number or product lines. They simply expect to be able to pull up your site the next time they’re out driving and looking for you. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you could be losing out on customers that are looking for you but, unfortunately, can only find your competitor’s sites.

At Imagine Monkey, every site that we design is 100% mobile responsive. We don’t pitch it as an option or an add-on. It’s such a crucial, indispensable element of a successful site that we can’t imagine building a successful site without it. So, if you’re looking to move your business online or update your online image, give us a call! We’re happy to walk you through the process, discuss your options and help you connect with the widest audience possible.


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