Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Website Redesign


At Imagine Monkey, about half of the work that we do involves redesigning. There’s a whole host of reasons that clients come to us looking to update their web presence. From gaining an edge against their competition to improving mobile responsiveness, the list of valid reasons to consider a redesign are endless. In this post, we’re going to look at the top five things that businesses should think about when they’re mulling over the possibility of a website redesign.


A site redesign lets your site evolve

As time passes, your company grows, evolves and adapts. Your website needs to follow your business in these regards. If you’ve changed your logo, your color scheme or even altered the interior design of your physical locations, your website should follow suit. Website redesigns can help to present customers with a unified vision and a consistent experience.


Technology changes, so should your site

Years ago, we were all using frames and animated GIFs. At the time, they were cutting edge technology but now… not so much. If your website uses outdated technology, you could be sending the wrong message to your customers. A dated website implies that your business is behind the times and unable to adapt.


Wow your customers

When someone visits a well-designed website that makes them say “wow” it immediately puts them in a good frame of mind. In online sales, first impressions are everything, so if you can get to that first “wow” your job is already half done. A good redesign will focus on capturing visitors’ attention by creating those wow moments and then transitioning them into paying customers through solid, effective design.


Leverage the power of the latest software and trends

Like we said above, animated GIFs used to be considered high end. Nowadays, it’s parallax scrolling, integrated e-commerce systems, simplified payment and content first design. When you adopt these new technologies, your customers see that you’re investing in your business and, as a result, their confidence in you and your company grows.


Make your life easier

While the latest software does impress customers, it can also make your life much, much easier. With the ability to track invoices on your website’s backend, inspect your site’s traffic patterns and make adjustments on the fly, modern websites aren’t just easier, they’re more efficient.


Here at Imagine Monkey, we’ve done hundreds of web designs for Orange County businesses. From simple updates to online branding materials to complicated, full redesigns that completely overhaul the existing frameworks, we’ve done it all. If you’ve been considering a site redesign or you’d just like to learn more about what is possible, contact us today!


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