Optimizing Your Service-based Website


With more and more visitors utilizing smartphones and tablets to reach your business website, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand two things. First, and most obvious, is that your website needs to be mobile friendly. Of course, we’ve covered that before in our blog post about Mobilegeddon.

Today, we’re going to talk about the second reason: people who are visiting your site on the go are looking to be sold. Gone are the days of a simple five page business website that includes a description of your services. Today’s websites need to be engaging, they need to include multiple points of contact and, most importantly, they need to actively convert visitors to customers.


How can I convert mobile visitors to customers?

In days past, this was handled by including direct contact links or telephone numbers. An interested customer would browse your site, determine whether you were the company for them and, you hoped, reach out to contact you via your site’s links. Many sites still rely on this method today, however, if your service offerings include fixed prices and straightforward services, there’s likely a better way.

Take a look at the custom website that we did for a housecleaning company called MaidKeepers. Rather than the arduous process of the customer sending a service inquiry, waiting for a response, reading the response and then replying with a confirmation, we wanted to streamline the process. Using custom booking software, we were able to provide the site’s visitors with a way to commit to MaidKeepers’ services immediately.


Immediate gratification is just better e-commerce

By eliminating the steps in between initial contact and commitment, you provide your customers with two important things. First, you better serve them by being able to immediately commit to meeting their needs. Second, you save them the most valuable asset of all: time. Better yet, you save yourself time, as well!

Imagine entering a grocery store, speaking to a sales person, describing the item you want and then waiting to receive a call in a week to inform you that your item is ready. That was the old way. It was tiresome. It was clunky and led to missed opportunities. Nowadays, the process can be streamlined and can better emulate the experience of shopping in a physical store. No awkward waiting periods, no chance of losing the sale or stumbling over your words… your customers just click, confirm and commit.

At Imagine Monkey, we think forward. We’re not satisfied with a site that is good enough for today. We build sites to last. Not only does that mean the latest technologies and design trends, it means the most efficient sales techniques. So, whether you’re offering housecleaning services or auto repairs, let us turn your website into a tool that converts potential customers into paying customers.