Limited Project Seats. Limitless Imagination.

Here at Imagine Monkey, we’re unabashed perfectionists when it comes to creating high quality websites. Whether we’re creating a stunning site to showcase your photography portfolio or we’re designing a fully-featured e-commerce system to help you move your business online, we move deliberately, we act thoughtfully and we take our time.

While it’s entirely possible to crank out a web design in a couple of weeks, we schedule our projects for a minimum of thirty days. With this extended timeframe, we have the ability to really look closely at the problems we’re trying to solve and, more importantly, we have time to effectively implement solutions in a way that truly represents your brand. Because we know that…


Beautiful websites take time and care

A perfect website doesn’t simply spring out of the imagination and wind up on your hosting service. No, a perfect website takes time… there are a lot of technical considerations and countless creative decisions to be made. Naturally, the first step is fully understanding our client’s needs. Once we’ve got a good picture of who you are, we can start translating that into the visual, textual and iconographic elements that make up your site.

But, if all of these steps take time, how do we ensure the quality of our output when we’re faced with tough deadlines? Thankfully, that part is easy! We learned pretty quickly that juggling ten or twenty projects severely limits our ability to focus on each project individually. To solve that problem, we implemented a pretty logical solution: we restrict ourselves to no more than four projects at any given time.


Because when there’s too much to focus on, you can’t focus on anything

By limiting ourselves to four projects, we give ourselves some breathing room. We allow the creative process to come naturally while avoiding the typical pitfalls that come with rush jobs. At Imagine Monkey, there are no rush jobs. You can be sure that every icon, every font decision, every menu item and every contact form has been carefully deliberated upon.

Beyond that, our limitation allows us something even more valuable: time with our clients. Because we’re not jumping from job to job playing an endless game of catchup, we have time to talk with you, to discuss our opinions, to gather your feedback and to implement things in a way that is both effective and true to your vision. In the end, our restriction gives us peace of mind and helps us to use our time more effectively but, above all else, it gives our clients what they deserve: real, one-on-one, white glove treatment throughout the entire custom web design process.