Does My Startup Need A Website?

So you’ve decided to start a business, congratulations! With entrepreneurism on the rise, more and more startups are snaking their way out of their founder’s minds and onto the Internet. From Kickstarter and GoFundMe to eBay and Etsy, it’s never been easier to get the funding necessary to get your business off the ground. But how do you ensure the long term success of your new company?

In this day and age, one thing is certain: if you’re business is going to be sustainable, it needs a website. Whether you’re driving customers there through a Kickstarter or looking to shave off eBay fees by selling directly to your customers, nothing establishes the credibility of your brand like a custom website. Even if you’re well beyond the startup phase, even if you’ve moved past third-party sales platforms, having an online presence ensures that your company is persistent in the minds of your customers.


So what tangible benefits does a website offer my burgeoning company?

Well, then, where to begin? A startup website gives your business a platform. Imagine a play without a stage… a movie without a screen… a painting without a canvas… a startup without a website is a concept that lacks the means to express itself. When you create a space online dedicated to your business, you create a place where people can experience your business.

Whether your company focuses on sourcing organic produce for local restaurants or serves as a medium to connect local bands, your website informs and engages visitors. It showcases your philosophies and unique benefits. But most importantly, it welcomes people to interact with your brand and when people interact with your brand, there’s a good chance that they’ll interact with each other.

But what’s the benefit of interaction?

One word: awareness. The biggest hurdle faced by entrepreneurs is getting the word out. Advertising on a shoestring budget is logistically difficult and financially draining. With a custom website, though, not only can your startup leverage the power of social media, it can utilize whatever physical marketing it has to drive traffic to your website.

By consolidating your efforts, you increase the value of every marketing dollar that you spend. For example, you include your Facebook profile on your business cards and then you create a link to your webpage from your profile page. Now, every business card you hand out has the potential to direct someone to your Facebook where you can advertise directly to them for little — or no — cost. From there, they can respond to your online ads by following links to your website where, hopefully, you are able to convert them into a paying customer.

At Imagine Monkey, we have years of experience helping startups and entrepreneurs raise awareness for their brands. We’re experienced with every aspect of the process, from social media and SEO to e-commerce and sales-focused content. As we said earlier, your website is a platform upon which your business can express itself. We pride ourselves on not only building solid platforms but in helping our clients direct, produce and stage the perfect online representation of their brand.​


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