Cheap Web Design And Your Company

Web design is complicated. Cheap web design simplifies at the customer’s expense. Beyond being familiar with the most recent design trends, a good, professional web designer has to keep up with software vulnerabilities, design tools, advertising techniques, graphic design fads and much, much more. It’s a lot of work and it’s an awesome job but it’s just that: a job.

When you hire a professional web designer, you’re hiring somebody whose livelihood depends on their ability to produce high-quality, consistent work. A professional designer knows that every job is a reflection of their ability. And when it comes to preserving the beauty of that reflection, there’s no compromising. By hiring a professional, you can be certain that your designer is invested in the project because not only is your business’ image on the line… so is theirs.


But why pay more when you could pay less?

Because your business deserves the best possible foothold. If you plan on entering the online arena — or just want to increase your visibility — then there’s no substitute for a professional. A professional lives, breathes and dreams of web design. Because their livelihood often depends on it, they constantly immerse themselves in the newest methods, technologies and techniques.

Unlike a part-timer, they aren’t sluggish. Their independence makes them agile and quick to adapt to the Internet’s ever-changing landscape. This adaptation allows them to approach your site’s requirements in novel ways, ways that will aggressively position your company and delight your visitors. With a professional designer, you aren’t gambling on someone who might be able to do the job, you’re putting your company’s future in the hands of someone who has proven themselves to be capable, someone whose comfort and security depends on their ability to make your site amazing.


But what if I’m comfortable taking that gamble?

If you’re comfortable taking that risk, we encourage you to speak with your web designer. Be sure that you’ve communicated your site’s needs and, more importantly, ensure that they have confirmed their ability to meet those needs. Ask to view some of their recent projects, look closely and pay attention to the details. Ask yourself if their past projects point towards a successful future for your company.

However, we hope that you will view your website the same way that you view storefront renovations, advertising campaigns and product launches. An upfront investment will yield returns in the long run. If you go the cheap route and fail to see those returns because of an ineffective, outdated or inaccurate site, you’re only confirming the misperception that “websites are overpriced.” You’ve convinced yourself that, because your current site doesn’t work, no site will work and, therefore, that websites aren’t worth investing in.

At Imagine Monkey, we’re here to tell you: websites work. A properly designed site is not only an online advocate for your company, it is the most powerful piece of marketing that your company has at its disposal. Throughout the years, our clients have seen increased sales, reduced customer turnover and heightened brand awareness. So, when you’re looking for a new website or a website redesign, remember: inexpensive is okay, ineffective is not.