Meet Our Talented 
Web Designers

Tara J. (Chimp)
UI/UX Designer

Tara’s fascination with the interplay between coding and the overall user experience began with her constant tweaks to her MySpace page over fifteen years ago. After years of personal experience and a productive stint at a major university, she’s found her niche at Imagine Monkey as the primary solution to some of the most common problems users face. UI/UX design is her passion, but when Tara isn’t perfecting user interface, you can find her hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, and camping with the world’s best companion – her basset hound Truman.

Stephen M. (Gorilla)
Front-End Developer

Stephen has been passionate about building solutions that work for businesses and users alike since 2008, when he first began developing web applications. Since then, his passion has extended to include the multiple ways development and design influence user experience, and as Imagine Monkey’s front end developer, he’s had ample opportunity to indulge in both.  On his downtime, Stephen enjoys writing, traveling to state and national parks, and finding new DIY projects for his 1979 fixer-upper.

Cody B. (Lemur)
Backend Developer

Though Cody had been dabbling in coding since the internet became ubiquitous during his junior high and high school years, he had a trial-by-fire introduction to development back in 2003, when a friend asked for help building a new website from the ground. Though he’s since found his niche in backend development, this experience started him on his journey through the university and professional website design communities. Outside of work, Cody enjoys digital photography, watching sports and the ultimate marriage of the two – photographing sports action for friends and family.

Christian C. (Monkey)
Lead Project Developer

After a successful career in the US Army, Christian began looking for ways to put his design skills to good use, beginning with his first web design projects in 2007. Since creating Imagine Monkey, Christian has been able to utilize his HTML and CSS/JavaScript expertise on a whole new level as the company’s lead project manager. When he’s not coding, he spends his time playing video games, listening to 80s music, playing football on weekends, and finding new sources to fuel his coffee addiction.